What if you could...

- break your enabling or codependent cycle so you can heal in productive, meaningful ways.

- begin to reclaim your sense of autonomy and take steps to Get off the "treadmill" once and for all.

- stop your behaviors to stay on a path that is helpful and healthy.

- And establish clear boundaries that empower you again...??

It's Not Only Possible ...
...  but I’ll hold your hand and walk you through it in a POSITIVE, INTENTIONAL WAY.

How can I promise this?change your life

Two big reasons.


It's because you DESERVE TO FEEL HAPPY and WHOLE every single day.  

And second...

Since this is the first time I'm doing this workshop, I’ve designed it to support and provide COACHING THAT ENABLES YOU TO BREAK FREE and change your behaviors, right away.


You just have to know how to remove the chaos and craziness to make decisions for your own health, safety, and happiness.

You’re an enabler or codependent if you…

  • Constantly take on more than you can do
  • Meet the needs of others rather than your own
  • Feel disconnected from your own feelings, thoughts and needs
  • Have lost balance among the stresses and strains of life
  • Refuse to end a relationship, even if it’s unhealthy or abusive
  • Have low self-esteem
  • Demonstrate an inability to trust
  • Experience boundary problems with friends and relationships


Seriously, take one moment.

Close your eyes...and think of being able to cope and bounce back to a life that’s going in the right direction.

How do you feel6503608 - zest for life?





Like you know the – real you - on your own terms?

Do you feel safe…knowing you are confident and are in control?

Gosh-darn….I want to be back on my own terms!

You’ve been looking to change your view, but...

instead you're living in chaos, and hold tight to the idea that you have control over things or people to try to keep yourself on your feet and it’s hurting you. 

Maybe you’ve all but given up and this “dance” has been a part of your life for so long, that you don’t know what you would do without it.

I’m sure you’ve tried all kinds of ways to figure out how to end your enablement.

I'm going to give you this painfully straight right now: 

This continuous cycle of hoping it will get better on its own...or you’re attempting to help; is in actuality causing you more harm...

it’s not one more time... It’s all about YOU. (And that's the GOOD NEWS! It means you are 100% in control of changing it!)

That's exactly what the Break Free from your Enabler Role Workshop is going to do for YOU! Give you CONTROL over who you are and REBUILD your life!

Drew Pinsky, M.D.

In our work on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, I’ve seen the amazing connections Sherry makes with those who are so terribly disconnected from others and themselves. But you don’t have to be a celebrity in recovery to benefit from her years of training and experience. Sherry provides a road map for rising above negativity and thinking of yourself, your life, and your purpose in new and inspiring ways. Drew Pinsky, M.D.


Step back and regroup. Start shifting your behavior and making positive changes. 

A two-part virtual workshop
exclusively for enablers and codependents. 

January 25 and February 1, 2017

Participate from anywhere in the world via your computer.

Attend live (the most effective way to get real live support) or listen to the replays.

You are about to make significant positive changes to your life!

This isn't just about listening to me teach. This is highly interactive, and about you taking ACTION!

Sherry Gaba's program and insights have helped to provide me with specific, actionable guidance around codependency issues.
She combines philosophy, wisdom and action in a way that I have found extremely helpful.

Marianne C

By the end of just two sessions you will be armed with a CYCLE BREAKER LIST on how to take action now against enabling behaviors

You're going to learn how to:

  • Stop wasting time trying to be in control and start saying ‘No’ without feeling uncomfortable or pressured.
  • STOP second-guessing yourself, wondering if you're going to make the same destructive mistakes again. (You won't after you finish this workshop!)
  • Become more aware of your own feelings, thoughts, and needs, and learn how to communicate them in your relationships.
  • Get crystal clear about establishing boundaries with yourself and others.
  • Start to know the difference between enabling and helping (yes…these are two different things) and knowing what this difference is will be crucial to positive changes.
  • Let the “mistakes of the past” stop haunting you and holding you back from making the right decisions.
  • Stop feeling hurt, confused and afraid by others….so you can start feeling understood, stand firm on your decisions, and take actions as necessary.

Sherry Gaba's program and insights have helped to provide me with specific, actionable guidance around codependency issues. She combines philosophy, wisdom and action in a way that I have found extremely helpful.

Marianne C.

TRUST YOURSELF to change your behavior and it will make you happy!

I'm grateful for the loving mutual support I've experienced during the past year or so that I've been part of Sherry's group. It's candid, nurturing, enlightening and fun! A valuable touchstone to myself each week.

- MJK, Thousand Oaks, CA



Plus...You'll Receive These FOUR Bonuses!

MP3 Audio Meditations

Two of Sherry's most effective and loved meditations as downloadable audios:

“Finding Purpose With Intention”

“Living A Life Of Authenticity”

Surviving Your Addict Child Report

Addiction affects the entire family.  In this short report, The Impact Of A Child's Addiction On Parents, Sherry provides you information on the impact to yourself, the signs to look for, and action steps you can take now.

"Conscious Recovery"
MindPT App

Finally, an app and vision board all in one!
What if you had a tool that does the affirming and visualizing for you, and it was so pleasurable to use that you wanted to use it every day.

MindPT changes all that, with a fun and easy to use app that literally takes the work out of self-work. In just minutes a day, this personal change tool will do the work for you of upgrading your automatic thought habits so that you are thinking empowering and positive thoughts - and consciously creating a better life for yourself.

“Codependency No More”
Featuring Ross Rosenberg

During this exceptional audio interview, Ross introduces you to "Self Love Deficit Disorder" and how to discover YOUR own authenticity while becoming aware of the parts of YOURSELF that are closed off when YOU are an ‘active’ codependent.



Access Your Workshop Anywhere & Anytime!

Workshop sessions are conducted over the Internet so you can join us from anywhere that has a decent connection. Use your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

If you can't attend live, the replays will be available within 24 hours after each live session completes.


Start shifting your behavior and making positive changes

ONLY  $97.00

register me now

Sherry was instrumental in helping me take control of my life and gave me the best tools to have a successful relationship and make life altering choices without fear. Looking back at the last three years of my life is amazing because of all of the positive changes that have occurred. What is most appreciated is that I can pinpoint sessions I had with Sherry that helped lead me to making the choices that allowed for those positive changes to happen. Sherry is special because she not only listens to you but helps you internally discover the solutions or paths that you must take to generate change. She doesn't tell you what to do, but she helps you take control of your life.

- D. P.


You can find advice just about anywhere. But my coaching is different. You have unique challenges and I know them all too well.

I get what you're going through and WHY you're going through it...like no other coach does. I made so many bad moves and stupid decisions, that I questioned myself constantly.

I turned it around on family and friends, when it really was about me. I was embarrassed about making bad choices and silly mistakes – especially since I did it over and over.

It wasn’t until going into recovery for codependence that I finally realized that one of my biggest problems was judging and criticizing others.  I would blame them for things that I had a hand in, and I would comment on how something they were doing was irritating me.  When I began recovery, I started looking at myself rather than others.  In doing the steps, my eyes were truly opened to my behaviors and actions.  Suddenly, I realized I was all of the things I saw in others that bothered me about them.  That’s why they bothered me so much!

You see how making this shift brought me closer to peace and happiness. And you see just a few of the clients I've helped find solutions to positive changes in their lives.

So, don't wait. Join me and start BREAKING FREE FROM THE ENABLER ROLE with a shift in your behavior. The difference it will make in your life will astound you.

Be Good to Yourself,

Sherry Gaba. LCSW

P.S. Really when you think about it... who better to guide you to success than someone who has “been there, done that?” Someone who tells it like it is, with a ton of compassion and just the right amount of tough love. Don't waste any more time, ok? Take action so you can start getting on with your Life.

ONLY  $97.00

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